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Milk powder

    Milk powder is obtained by dehydrating pasteurized milk. This process is carried out in special spray towers calls, wherein the water containing milk is evaporated, obtaining a yellowish-white powder which retains the natural properties of the milk. To drink, the powder should be dissolved in drinking water. This product is of great importance because, unlike liquid milk, need not be preserved in cold and therefore its service life is longer.

    For milk powder milk quality, the method is applied by spraying. However, this method consumes more than twice as much energy as above. For the extreme fineness of spray droplets, drying is very fast. Moreover, the heating of the product is limited by the instantaneous evaporation of water. Therefore, a milk gets into little structurally modified powder. The size of the dust particles significantly affects its solubility characteristics and preservation. A powder composed of fine particles dissolves poorly, cakes easily and quickly altered by oxidation. Moreover, the agglomerates of particles are easily dissolved.

    For this reason the agglomerates are separated to obtain an instant powder. Such powder is soluble in cold water. Generally, whole milk powder dissolves poorly in the presence of free fat in the particles. During the drying, part of the fat globules is decomposed. In this case, oil accumulates on the surface of repelling water particles and preventing dissolution.


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