• Quality of service as a constant directed to internal and external customers of the organization: customers, employees, managers, suppliers, external consultants and institutions.
  • The commitment to the organization, its values, mission and vision.
  • Ethics as a guiding principle of the actions and decisions both organizational and personal.
  • The teamwork between all members of the company as a vehicle to achieve our mission and vision, and an important strategy for achieving organizational synergy.
  • Continuous improvement of processes as a basis for increasing the satisfaction of the entities that make up the organization.
  • Respect for individual rights and duties under precepts of honesty and responsibility, expressed in all activities of the organization and its stakeholders.
  • Environmental awareness and social responsibility, expressed in actions of the organization to its environment.
  • Sustained profitability and momentum of daily activity and rationale of the organization.
  • The challenge, as medullary axis of personal and professional management.

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